I have very short, straight lashes. Will this product work for me?

As long as you have lashes, our product will work. We recommend using an eyelash curler to curl your lashes and then apply the Fiber Lash product. Your lashes will stay curled throughout the day due to the fact that our Transplanting Beeswax Mascara Gel is a beeswax-based mascara, NOT water-based like most regular mascaras. 
If you wish to GROW your natural lashes longer and quickly, we recommend using the GrandeLASH-MD eyelash growth serum. You will see visibly longer lashes in 4-8 weeks. We regularly change the confidence of cancer survivors who do lose their lashes or have very tiny ones remaining after chemo.

We love being able to be a part of putting a smile back on the faces of the incredible ladies who have been through this ordeal and come through the other side.

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